2001-2006 BMW M3 Manual Conversion Kit

2001-2006 BMW M3 Manual Conversion Kit

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BMW E46 M3 Manual Conversion Kit

** Please read full description and contact us for assistance or questions ** 

Tired of your old worn out SMG? We are now offering our complete kits convert your SMG M3 to manual! This is the same kit we use in shop to completely convert customer E46 M3's from SMG to 6 speed manual. Everything needed for the conversion start to finish is included!

What is included?

  • All mechanical parts to convert to true 6 speed. This package is assembled and hand picked by AMS, including Genuine BMW parts, AMS Fabricated parts as well as other OEM parts, fluids and more. 

  • All fluids and sealants! No need to find your own fluids or go to the parts store. We include Redline MT fluid, DOT4 Brake fluid and the proper sealant for the transmission.

  • 6 Speed Manual Bellhousing. Each bellhousing is professionally converted by AMS. Machined, cleaned and assembled using factory and upgraded parts. *Please select required core option*

  • Plug and Play wiring harness, no need to cut or splice into your factory harness. 

  • Instruction PDF and video. Including properly working cruise control/mirror tilt/PDC wiring and programming information.


We have an incredible amount of experience with this conversion as we have completed them for well over 7 years! Over the years we have narrowed down the essentials parts lists and figured critical steps required for a proper conversion. Now we are offering our kit to anyone that would like to DIY this conversion!

If you need assistance with remote programming/tuning, please contact us directly or click here.

Hydraulic Line Variations

Please select "Stainless Braided" if you are wanting our AMS stainless braided clutch lines. This version will replace the BMW hard and rubber lines with one single braided stainless line. More reliable and stronger! Fantastic upgrade for street and track vehicles. *Commonly Selected*

Please select "Factory Lines" if you are wanting to retain the stock clutch line fittings, and rubber clutch lines.

Shifter Assembly Variations

Please select "Short Shifter" if you are wanting our AMS fabricated and assembled short shifter. Much shorter reduction in shift travel! Shifter throw and height is significantly reduced compared to the stock shifter, resulting in much more precise shifting. More reliable and stronger! Another excellent upgrade for all street and track vehicles. *Commonly Selected*

Please select "Short Shifter - Height Adjustable" if you are wanting to use our AMS height adjustable shifter. The same excellent and precise shifting our standard short shifter produces, but with a height adjustable shift lever. Capable of using "screw on" style shift knobs as well.

Please select "Factory Shifter" if you are wanting to use the stock shift assembly and bushings. Commonly referred to as the broomstick, for its excessively long throws and tall height.

Core charge Instructions - Important!!

Please select "No Core" if you are sending your housing to us for machining. We will provide all packaging and labels for the shipping of your original housing. 1 Day turn around. *Commonly Selected*

Please select "Core Required" if you need an already converted housing. Once we receive your original SMG bellhousing core, we will process the $650 core refund. Each housing is subject to damage inspection.

Shipping Instructions - Important!

  • Completing the order will include Sender shipping only
  • You must package and ship your bellhousing to our facility, address is located on the invoice. Please include the supplied invoice.
  • You may package the housing within the same box 


Please contact us for assistance or questions.


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