BMW Programming Laptop

BMW Programming Laptop

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BMW Programming Laptop - KDCAN Cable included


Need to program or tune your BMW? We now offer rental laptops pre-loaded with BMW software required for your needs. With software pre-loaded, users have the capability to program modules or we can get all of the software and programming taken care of remotely!

This is a core exchange item. Simply purchase this product along with the core charge, we will send you the proper cables and laptop with charger, then when you are done, send it back and we will process the core refund once the equipment is received!

What is included?

  • Laptop with functional and setup BMW programs

  • OBD KDCAN Cable


Core charge Instructions - Important!!

A core charge of $150.00 is included in the purchase price. We will process the $150.00 core refund upon return of the equipment.. Each product is subject to damage inspection.

Shipping Instructions - Important!

  • Completing the order will include Return Label with the order.
  • You must package the housing within the same box
  • Core returns will be handled within 1-2 business days


Please contact us with any questions or further tuning needs.



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